Monday, January 16, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I am not sure how time got away from me but I need to make up for it. Our school is such a fabulous school and I brag about it every chance I get.  Our PTA is incredible and we have many functions thanks to them.  Our Fall Festival was even better than it was a few years back.  They are so creative!  We had the rock climbing wall, jump houses, obstacle course, pony rides, and games for all to play.  This year we had a photo booth and it was super cute!  I think the best new thing was the silent auction. Each grade level was encouraged to rally the parents together to create themed baskets and the $ raised would go back to grade levels.  Well of course I put Jess in charge and she came through in a BIG way!  Take a look at our "Around Town" wagon.  Our community graciously donated a make a cookbook, Walmart gift card, go cart racing tickets, an entire dental exam for a child, and OH SO much more...  Jess then painted "Otters Rock" on the side and set the whole thing up.  Thank you to all of the businesses that donated and to Jess for being such a ROCK STAR!

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