Saturday, June 20, 2009


Where do I begin? I can hardly believe the school year has ended. On one hand, I am looking forward to a wonderful summer with my husband and kids. On the other, I will be sad to not wake up to go to school with all my 1st grade friends. I want to first thank the parents of these friends for an awesome year. You have let me be a part of your family for the year and for that I am grateful. Your kids are unbelievable and I got to see them grow and become independent readers this year. THANK YOU! Of course I would like to thank each one of them for the laughs, the learning, and the overall feeling of joy going to work each day with a smile.
We had some help throughout the year from all of the families with time in the classroom, supplies for projects, or treats/rewards to celebrate successes. I especially want to thank Ashley and Paul who donated 5 iPod Shuffles for the class to use at home listening to stories and practicing their oral reading fluency. My dad for donating the 6th iPod so I could have a set of 6. Chantal and Michelle who gave time every week of the year doing anything and everything I ever asked them to do. Joel and Melissa for sending in "big" items for our learning and enjoyment. Smart Start Tutoring for awarding our class a grant to fund our Reading Counts store-JW Beanies. Walmart for donating the primary journals our friends wrote in each day (Parents love this artifact of the entire year!) Promethean for providing the BEST and most fun way of learning through their Interactive Whiteboard, wand, and ActivExpressions. Dayle Timmons in Jacksonville, FL for being an inspiration and guiding force behind our successful classroom blog. Our principal and staff for making this school like Disney World each and every day of the school year. The biggest thank you goes to my husband who lets me give so much time and energy into being the best teacher I can be and to my kids who give me hugs and kisses everyday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Kickball

Father's Day Kickball was the BEST!! We celebrated in style with the dads playing alongside the kids in the field. It was great watching the dads and grandpas out for the morning challenge. Dads/Grandpas could kick while their kid ran or the reverse. I think I even shocked a few dads with my kicking ability. We were cheering, laughing, and having a great time. We followed the game with our presents for dad. I can not take credit for the gift. I saw it on another blog or class website and thought how great. I had Grandpa Budd cut some wood and the kids painted their "Chip Off the Old Block" paper weight. I glued a school photo and wrote the year. I hope the dads/grandpas enjoy them as much as the kids did making them.

We held our class award assembly where the kids voted on one another for various awards. I shared the class end of the year video and we enjoyed our "Dog with Dad" lunch. THANK YOU to Mrs. Chatal, Mrs. Maria, Ms. Jen, Ms. Michelle, and all the families that helped with our awesome hot dog lunch.