Sunday, May 10, 2015

Muffins for Mom 2015

Mother's Day almost missed this post.  Here is Kid President with a message to moms so listen up he has something important to say!

We had our Muffins for Mom the week before last and I played this video for the moms.  These kids are the cutest thing ever!  You never know what you are going to hear come from a little friend or what you will read in their writing.  Please enjoy as they share a bit about mom.  I will have to tell you some favorites:  "I love my mom more than my dad." or "I love my mom more than my brothers." or there was "I love my mom more than ice cream." There writing was even cuter if you can imagine that.  I love that one of my friends thinks his mom's "favorite thing to do is clean his house" and then there was "My mom has a white van named Toyota." Kids say the cutest things right?
     I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.  I know I did surrounded by my hubby and kids, and with my mom and family too.  My brother even surprised my mom at lunch today at our house.  It was a grand weekend! Happy Mother's Day.
UPDATE: Our Art teacher Mrs. Hanna had the friends draw a picture of them and their mom.  Too sweet for words and a great keepsake. Enjoy.