Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day with our annual Muffins for Mom and Donuts for Dad breakfast in class.  Parents spent a few minutes with us as we showed a movie and shared our favorite things to do with parents.  First graders say the cutest things and that makes it even more special when you can capture that moment on film.  This class was no exception.  I found out this year's moms are beautiful, get dressed up for weddings, wear makeup, and look prettiest in heels.  Make sure to check out the video below.

As for my mom, I love you more than anything.  Thank you for giving me the drive and determination to be the best person I can be.  Thank you for all the encouragement, hope, and dreams you laid out for me. I am a better person because of you.  You did better than Ok mom!  Check this youtube video by Johnson and Johnson someone sent me...


So let me catch you up on the latest...
I did not win the Ron Clark Academy/Promethean Thank a Teacher contest.  We gave it our all but fell short.  I think last count there were 582 likes between the two pages on Facebook.  Not bad for a 1st grade teacher.  Help me in congratulating Amanda Morris and Donna Porter as the winners.

We did not wing he door contest with our "Don't Let the Pigeon Stop Reading!"  As you can tell from the pictures there were some fabulous door decorations!  The Lonely Firefly and Stripes were recognized for 2nd and 3rd place for the primary classrooms while the Flat Stanley door won 1st place overall for the primary classrooms.  Way to go!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ron Clark & Promethean-pinch me!

The Ron Clark and Promethean are running a Thank a Teacher celebration.  The nominee with the most likes on Facebook will win a 2 days all expense paid trip to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  Now you know I am his BIGGEST fan!  I NEED your vote.  Here is what you do  tell everyone you know...

Copy and paste these directions in an email to all your friends.  Voting stops midnight Monday and they announce on Tuesday.  What are you waiting for?  Like away on Facebook and get me to Atlanta!

Character Parade

Our 2nd Annual Character Parade took place today.  We dressed up as book characters and then had a parade walk throughout campus.  It was so wonderful to take part in the celebration of reading.  I dressed as Junie B. Jones of course!  I saw many Junie B.s but the most represented book was the Hunger Games.  There were so many I took some group shots.  You have to check out my firsties and just heart them yourself!  An added feature was a door decorating contest.  2 winners primary and intermediate will be announced tomorrow.  I wonder who they will be.  Personally our Don't Let the Pigeon Stop Reading is our favorite but that Math Curse and Jack and the Beanstalk were pretty good.  Make sure to check out the Frindle and BFG door-it was 3D!!  I will have to blog tomorrow and let you know.  Enjoy the movie, it was so much fun to be in school today!

Can you see me now?

Ms. Patti came by for a visit.  Her eye, I mean son haha dressed the part to teach the class about the eyeball. We learned the parts.  Did you know the white stuff is called your sclera? Even my hubby did not know the name.  We learned about eye safety and how you should wear goggles or sunglasses, and NEVER look directly at the sun!  Ms. Patti even brought each of us a goody bag.  Inside their were recipes to help with our eyes and sight!  OK so the COOLEST part was the sheep eye in the Ziploc we could touch and pass around!  Ms. Patti you are the BEST ever!