Saturday, December 12, 2009

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

Our class was lucky enough to participate in a Gingerbread Exchange this year. We were to make 35 gingerbread men and somehow incorporate where we live. Well after some thought we decided to "dress" our gingerbread people in bathing suits and outfit them with surfboards. We wrote about our lovely weather and how we enjoy being outside in Port Orange year round. I took some pictures of our gingerbread people that we mailed out. They are too cute! I am getting envelopes in the mail daily and the kids look forward to seeing where we get mail from around the US. Thank you to all the school that helped participate. Enjoy our gingerbreads and maybe bring them to the beach when you come to visit.
Santa made a special appearance this week on his boat and our class was lucky enough to take a quick picture with Santa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Marine Science Center

It is a favorite day for every school child-the 1st field trip of the year! It was beautiful. We went to Ponce Inlet to visit the Marine Science Center. We learned about turtles and even visited the rehabilitation hospital. We learned about owls and even saw one up close turn its head almost the whole way around. We learned about the pollution that hurts the ocean animals. Please try not to release balloons in the air because we saw one found floating in the ocean that looked like a jellyfish. Turtles and other ocean life are confused and end up eating the balloons and it causes problems for their digestive tracts. It was such an awesome trip and so well organized. After all that learning we enjoyed a picnic lunch and then the best part!!! a walk out on the jetty. The wind was whipping and the waves were crashing on our left but it was so calm on the right side of the jetty. At the very end I was gathering up the class and a huge wave crashed and I was soaked. The class of course loved that part! Lucky for us we had some very awesome chaperones.

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Prospect, Mrs. Norman, and Mrs. Lamboglia. I can not say enough about the Marine Science Center and how much the children learned hands on. I can't wait to take my own kids again.