Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yes we did have 11 kids show up to Chickfila and YES we are getting an ice cream party! Just thought I would share. By the way this is what I have waiting for the firsties to walk into in the morning. Isn't it the cutest ever?!? Thanks Mrs. Suzan you are the best!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

You have to see this! Hope to see you at Chick-fil-a Spirit Night tonight from 5-8pm. 10 kids from our class gets us an ice cream party! Find me and give me a GREAT BIG hug!

"Techy" Book reviews

One reading group is working on making book reviews which are then linked to a QR code and then that code is put on the book! Fancy firsties right?  You have got to love those kids right?  Julianna used the Sonic Pic app with pictures and her voiceover.  Jack and Demetrios took the pictures with an iTouch and then used the green screen to put them in the book.  We hope you enjoy our creations! Leave them a comment, they would love to hear what you think.

Monday, January 28, 2013

CCE Teacher of the year -Brian Wheeler

Teacher of the Year is an extra special milestone to me.  It is a time to celebrate a fellow teacher chosen by our faculty to represent us in the search for the Volusia County Teacher of the Year.  It is an honor to be selected by your fellow teachers.  This year Brian Wheeler was selected to be Cypress Creek Elementary's Teacher of the Year!  Brian teaches fourth grade.  He integrates technology into his daily lessons and is currently preparing our 4th graders for the annual Florida Writes assessment.  He has led workshops at our school and throughout the county. Last year my son was fortunate enough to be a student in his class. He is fabulous!  Congratulations Mr. Wheeler!  Our school celebrated with Hollywood, Wheeler style on Friday.  We dressed up as Hollywood stars and paparazzi.  It was so much fun!  Mr. Wheeler enjoyed a day of gifts and well wishes from the staff, faculty, and students.  There was a Hollywood sign up as well as a Walk of Fame stars.  Our class loved dressing up, can you tell?

Snowman family project

Each year the class decorates a snowman for the January family project.  The firsties love explaining how their family chose to decorate the family snowman. They are absolutely cute.  So I tell you all the time how much I LOVE my MacBook Pro well there is another reason...making a slideshow is so easy in iPhoto.  Check out the cute snowmen...  Families you have come through once again!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We read books and learned many things about Martin Luther King Jr.  We talked about our dreams for the future.  We watched the marches and his speech.  After making these fabulous Martin Luther King Jr. heads we wrote facts about his life.  They lined the hallway for all to see.  Thank you Dr. King for all you did to get us where we are today.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Apple ADE

My classroom world has really changed in the last year and a half.  Apple is the BIGGEST change.  We love the iTouches, the iPads, the Apple TV, and the Macbook Pro makes the best videos ever! I applied to be an Apple Distinguished Educator.  Thought I would share the video part of my entry.  Got to love those kids!  BIG thanks to everyone along the journey.

Tubing Fun

I have so many postings to make and need to get right on it.  I have to say this past Christmas goes down in the record books.  I know this is my class blog but I am taking a moment to let you into my other world.  I grew up in Homestead, Florida the oldest of 3 with a dad in the Air Force for 22 years. My dad retired and went to work for the local Ford dealership.  My mother IS the hardest working person in the world and I love her for it.  This Christmas my parents got all of us together in Maggie Valley for a ski trip of a lifetime.  The house was amazing! We skied and went tubing and enjoyed every minute of it.  The best was my mom tubing! She was so nervous but after a few runs she was confident enough to go by herself.  My brothers brought their families and we had family dinner night each night with a different family cooking.  I loved it and we made some fabulous memories.  Enjoy the movie trailer.  I have to share one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.  I just love my hubby.  Isn't it a great picture. He's a cutie!