Sunday, February 2, 2014

100th day!

Friday was the 100th day of the school year and BOY WHAT A DAY it was!!

Yes they are dressed like they are 100 years old.  It was too cute for words.  I had the best time walking through school and hearing the giggles.  Their family project was to decorate a cape with 100 items.  You have to see theses cutie pies with their superhero capes.  Our school theme is "Unlock the Superhero, We are Uncommon and Beyond"  These kids are uncommon and BEYOND! I am so proud of them and all the families for a FABULOUS day!  Here is to the next 80 to round out the year.

I sent home 6 questions for the kids and families to think about and answer.  My mom, dad, and teacher tells me 100 times to _____. I tell my mom, dad, and teacher 100 times I want to _____.   Always a funny thing reading the responses.  Most of the kids hear they should clean their room, make their bed, and brush their teeth.  The funniest one was to stop growing.  I might agree the firsties sure are cute!  They tell their parents 100 times they want a toy, to play outside, stay up, or play with friends.  Oh to be young again.  The best we're the teacher ones.  So the best ones were my teacher tells me 100 times to sit down correctly, be good, do my math, listen, pay attention, and do my best!  My favorite one was "make a ten."  Seems to be something I say a lot. So what do they say to me 100 times? They want to play on the iPads, eat lunch, have free play, do Reading Counts, and they want to be a teacher!  Makes my heart smile.  The best was "I tell my teacher 100 times I want to always be in her class!!!" They are the best aren't they and I just LOVE my job!  Thank you for letting me share.