Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OREO Project 2009

Well another year with the OREO project and what fun we had! If you don't know about the OREO online project, check out this link:. http://www.jenuinetech.com/Projects/OreoXI/instructions09.htm
We stacked, they fell, we stacked again and turns out our class average was 16 OREOs high. We completed a word search, unscrambled words, talked about ABC order, and even read a bar graph. As if that wasn't enough we took 3 OREOs and created sculptures. Thanks Ms. Marianne for helping us out with this project

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fire Prevention Week

This week was Fire Prevention Week. On Friday the Port Orange Fire Department, led by Firefighter Tonya and students enrolled in the Teaching Academy at Atlantic High School, brought stations to teach the students about fire safety. We enjoyed rotating through the informative stations. Stations included talking about 2 exits from each room, "When smoke goes up, we go down!", learning about tools vs. toys, Stop, Drop and Roll, and smoke detectors. Sparky and the fire truck was a big hit. Check out our picture with Sparky. Friday night was also the night to hand in fire escape plans at Neighbors. Each child that submitted a plan was awarded a free ice cream cone. From all the plans submitted from the school, 1 child will be chosen to ride to school on the fire truck. I hope it is someone from our class! Good Luck and remember all the fire safety tips this week-check those smoke detectors.