Sunday, August 30, 2015

1st week already done?

Our 1st official class picture and what a straight line it is!  We started our 1st day with our new clothes and the brightest smiles and before you know it we were off around the school looking for Chester from The Kissing Hand.  We looked everywhere and met some important people.

All the while we decided to show our love with a heart rather than scream out there he is!
I know too cute right?!?  We made some new friends and learned the classroom routines.  It was a busy week.  Make sure to check out the class Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and photos.
I leave you with this...the biggest excitement? getting to play on the big kid playground.  You know it is the simple things in life right? Have a great week and go out and be awesome!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Are you ready for 1st grade?

Meet Your Teacher Day is just about the best day ever! I got to meet 17 of the 18 new Wright's Rippers and boy, oh boy is it going to be a year! Just look at these smiles when I ask them to pose with mom and even grandma.  

 I also got to see families and firsties all grown up.  It makes my heart so happy to steal a hug and a quick "Wow, you sure have grown!" or "Man I feel old."  The hour and a half seems to breeze right by and before you know it it is lunchtime and everyone has to say good-bye until Monday.  I thought I would share a few quick photos to spread the excitement. 
 I can't wait to fill this room with learning and the pure joy of reading! oh and MATH I love math! oh and Science too!
Did you know Ron Clark is my #edhero and so is Hope King!  I can't wait to put these lifeskills into action.
This board is still under construction but if you look closely you will see my #1 my hubby Tim! My #2 & #3 Kaile and Carson the loves of my life, FSU-of course Go NOLES! Even a photo with Bobby Bowden, Phi Mu-love, honor, & truth, and my #edheros Ron Clark, Kim Bearden, Junior from RCA and yes Coach Carter. Love some inspiration right there when I look up from my laptop.
 My brand spankin new SitSpots are ready for where the magic happens.  I can't wait to try these out!
Oh there are going to be some favorites made here...the Pigeon, Pete the Cat, Junie B. Jones, Skippyjon Jones, Dr. Seuss, oh the list goes on and on...
 After spending 8 years in my last room I didn't think I would get it all out and set up by now but low and behold I did and it might still be a work in progress...You will have to check back often to see the amazing adventures of Wright's Rippers and all that they have to show the world.  I hope I can sleep tomorrow night just waiting for Monday morning.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

GO Otters 2015

My promise this year is to blog more and work on those oh so important relationships.  I try to inform my parents and let them be a part of our class and the firsties love seeing all their efforts on the internet.  What about the teachers out there? How can I connect and collaborate the amazing things happening at CCE? My mission will keep me busy so check back often and please share, subscribe, and tweet away...

I was blessed to spend time with my family and really relax this summer.  Am I ready to go back? OF COURSE I am! I love the schedule of it all and a new beginning with a fresh group of firstie friends is an added bonus.  This year our daughter starts high school as a freshman and our son will enter the 7th grade.  Where did the time go? More on that throughout the year.

Today was our 1st day back as teachers and Dr. L and Mrs. Pitchford threw the bash of all bashes! We enjoyed breakfast at a local country club and wait let me let you check out this short promo video and you count the smiles.

Wasn't that awesome Go Otters 2015! I will have to share my favorite photo that didn't make the video-it ran so fast and this photo needs a stand alone...
You should have seen the line of teachers and staff waiting to join the PTA. Our President Renee is in the middle taking papers & money and handing out raffle tickets.  Our mission is to have 100% teacher & staff membership and I will have to say we are off to the best start in years.  Way to go PTA! Oh and wait did I forget to mention they put $40 in each teacher's account to help with class needs. Well worth my PTA membership and I can't wait for the 1st Spirit Night.

This year is going to be amazing. I am going to run all year and make it the best one yet. I have BIG plans with technology, inspiring them to be the best people they can be, and share our world through Twitter & Instagram and Periscope...stay tuned...#grateful