Sunday, August 30, 2015

1st week already done?

Our 1st official class picture and what a straight line it is!  We started our 1st day with our new clothes and the brightest smiles and before you know it we were off around the school looking for Chester from The Kissing Hand.  We looked everywhere and met some important people.

All the while we decided to show our love with a heart rather than scream out there he is!
I know too cute right?!?  We made some new friends and learned the classroom routines.  It was a busy week.  Make sure to check out the class Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and photos.
I leave you with this...the biggest excitement? getting to play on the big kid playground.  You know it is the simple things in life right? Have a great week and go out and be awesome!

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Amanda Sarmiento said...

Logan has had a great beginning to the school year! He had been looking forward to the "big kid" playground all summer! I can't wait to see how the kids grow this year! Thanks for being an awesome teacher!