Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandparent's Day 2015

I can remember my grandparents.  My Ahma lived in Taiwan and we were blessed to get to visit when I was about 11 years old.  I remember what a hard worker she was, what a great cook, and how tiny she was.  I also remember there was respect even though we spoke few words in the same language.  My other grandparents lived in Nebraska and we got to see them more often.  I remember my grandma being the best cook.  She made this one cake, Cold Water Chocolate Cake and oh the tuna casserole was my brother Marcus' favorite.  My great grandma made the best fudge and I would give anything to spend just another day with each of these women so please treasure the grandparents! #youmatter My parents are grandparents to 3 amazing grandchildren and we are very blessed to have family dinner night every Sunday alternating between our house and theirs. #grateful We laugh, talk, and enjoy the days go by building these memories.  When I tuck Carson in at night and ask him the favorite part of his always has something to do with food or family.  We truly are blessed!  

I had the pleasure of asking my firsties about their grandparents and we made these cute pictures to hang on the refrigerator as a daily reminder of how important grandparents are!  Hope you enjoyed them.  I sure did and I know my grandparents are smiling down at me as I remember Grandparent's Day 2015.

Friday September 4 marked the 10th day of school and a very important package was delivered!

 Look at all those 0s!!!!! We were very surprised when Dr. L came walking in with the box and we were curious.
 Inside we found a note explaining its appearance, some balloons, a cape, and a Zero the Hero flat doll.  AND guess what donuts!!! shaped like a 0!!
Thanks Dr. L. and we are looking forward to the next visit from Zero the Hero on the what day?!?

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