Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple Day

Another Apple Day in the record books.  What a day it was!  Thanks to the families donating apple items we were able to have an apple tasting party.  Yummy!  We had Apple Jacks, applesauce, apple cider, apple juice, apple jelly on crackers, and a homemade apple pie.  We had some special helpers come in for some center activities.  We put together apple puzzles, sorted math pictures, rolled number generators and created math problems.  A highlight was the 5 senses apple table.  Read apples won out for the best taste.  Does an apple sink or float?  At first we thought sink but then we used our inquiry skills and tried it out.  Our apple floated?!? can you believe it?  We then had to set up a container of water to try it out over and over again.  We are the best scientists ever!  Make sure to check out our good times through this slide show.

Open House 2014

Open House was HUGE success!  We work so hard to create an environment of learning and anxiously wait for Open House to show it off.  My class is beautiful.  What a group of workers and their families were just precious!  Our PTA and business partners put on an EXPO in the courtyard and the Book Fair is also open.  We open the doors and in a few short moments we are filled with joy, laughter, and excitement!  There was a scavenger hunt so the kids could show the important things.  We made a video of the 1st ePub short i book each of our friends help make.  I talked and ran around to take pictures.  Enjoy the video and just take in all the excitement.
or here if it is too blurry...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open House teaser...

21 days, 17 kids, iPad minis, math, dot cards, science tools, responsibility, rules, Zero the Hero, laws, sense, writing, reading, RAZ Kids, and 1 VERY proud teacher...

Trying to keep up with the blog, Twitter, Instagram, and oh so much more...oh but it is so fun.  Tomorrow night is Open House and I finally got the Open House teaser trailer done.  I sent it out late using the fabulous Remind app but maybe some parents didn't get it.  Won't they be in for a surprise in the morning. :) I can hardly wait for all the parents, the kids, the Book Fair, and oh the smiles.  I will have to take more pictures imagine that?  Watch this trailer and prepare for a classroom like no other...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Grandparent's Day! 2014

YIPPEE today is Grandparent's Day! This week was so fun listening to stories about grandmas cooking, grandpas fishing, Nanas shopping, and Poppeys playing Legos.  Seriously I remember my grandma like yesterday.  I am so blessed that my class 2 years ago sent me this plant after her funeral and it is a lovely reminder of her each day.
Each friend wrote about a grandparent and we decorated a page to give them.  We even made handprint hugs to send in the mail to some far away.  They are so proud of their efforts.
 Watch as we share an extra special wish for a Happy Grandparent's Day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 2~Top 3 things for the week

Labor Day or more important September 1, really where did August go?!?  The second week was just as busy as the 1st week.  Our class gained a new friend, Johan.  We are so excited to have 17 friends to make our class family this year as the Wright's Rippers! Let me get on to the top 3.
#3 Go Noodle is a favorite.  We are learning to be a little quieter during those Maximo yoga poses.  These yogis are the getting the hang of it.
The class favorite is Walking up the Stairs.  They are too funny.  I might have to play this one during Open House so you can see the excitement!
#2 ActivExpresssions get a cheer from these firsties!  What is an ActivExpression?  It is a learner response system.  In short we can answer true/false, mutiple choice, number, and even text-ok we haven't gotten to that just yet but remember I have only had them for 10 days.  Give me time...
#1 has to be the fun we shared with our friends across the hall playing short a BINGO on the iPads.  
We even learned how to scan QR codes to get different BINGO boards.  Great fun and all while practicing those short a words.  Can't wait for this next week.