Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Sonic Pic-Bears on Ice

While working on main idea and details we read Bears on Ice during our guided reading groups.  We learned some details about polar bears and wanted to share.

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We were so excited for our 1st field trip!  We went to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was a beautiful day and we had the best time ever.  Each child wrote about the trip.  Our final copies are hanging outside our classroom with a pumpkin art project.  I took the stories and typed them, while adding pictures of my firsties, and published our 1st ePub book.  I can't wait to show the class the book on the iTouches. Parents I emailed the book to you to add to your iTunes library.  Here is a copy to enjoy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Pumpkins 2011

Each year I send home white paper pumpkins for the families to decorate.  Each year I am even more impressed than the last.  This year is no exception!  I love these family pumpkins.  I am impressed with the creativity and time families put into making these unique pumpkins.  You should have heard them talk about their families making the pumpkins.  This year's families, I am hoping to post on Edmodo the explanations and will let you know when I get them on.  I can't wait for the next family project. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

OREO Project 2011

Each year we participate in OREO project.  We love it! Each child is asked to stack OREO cookies and they get 1 practice.  A class average is calculated and we email that number in and compare to all the other participants around the world.  Our class average was 14.  David stacked the most with 18 while Brady got 23 on his practice stack and 17 on his recorded attempt. More pictures are on the way since we used the cookies to make sculptures...Check back soon.

Heart Maps

We write in our journals every morning and during our writing time. Sometimes I am asked, "What do you do when they don't have anything to write about?" Sometimes I ask a few questions to get the writing juices flowing UNTIL I saw this awesome idea on another blog.  I asked the kids to think about all the things that they heart (love) and they had a bunch! I drew things on my heart map that I hold dear to me...Tim, Kaile, Carson, FSU, Phi Mu, our home, my classroom, my family, friends, ice cream, Chick-fil-A, Ann Taylor Loft, get the picture. :) I gave them a paper heart and they were off and running.  After drawing we decided to make it pretty by coloring and decorating.  They are adorable!  So Andrew says I am going to write Edmodo!  Kasey takes an ActivExpression and copies the letters off of it to spell it correctly.  Aubrey says to me "I wrote you twice Mrs. Wright on my heart map and the class." These are the days a teacher lives for I tell you! It made me all mushy inside and I definitely heart my class! Check out their heart maps.