Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Pumpkin projects

Each year the firsties and their families decorate a pumpkin.  My favorite part of the family projects is listening to the firsties share how their families chose to decorate the pumpkins.  FUNNY is all I can say.  You should stop by some time and listen after a family project due date.  We try to use this opportunity to improve our speaking and listening skills.  After each friend we share comments about the things we like about their project.  I was so proud of the sincerity of the comments and you should have seen the smiles, priceless.  I told them to start thinking about disguising a turkey, can't wait...  Check out the video below and share a comment.  We love compliments.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

UPDATE Ron Clark Academy

AMAZING! is the word that comes to mind.  I visited the Ron Clark Academy on Friday and it was amazing!  I was overcome walking in the Media Center with the kids singing, everyone dancing, and the man Ron Clark walking around.  Let me explain I have known since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a teacher.  Over the years the passion and drive have at times consumed me and I wonder why? I think about it often and it is because it is the plan God had for me.  Everyday I can change the world one child at a time.  We met up with Chrissi Major from Promethean to start our adventure.  Junior, the technology coordinator of the Ron Clark Academy, and I started talking and he was witness to my eyes leaking and then led Deanna and I upstairs to take pictures and then convinced me to go bungee jumping.  Too bad for me time ran out.  That is where the adventure truly turned magical.
We started with observing the new 5th graders in Mr. Clark's Global Studies and Math class.  We visited other classrooms and watched the children.  There were so poised and articulate.  I had lunch with four young men and the world better watch out.  They are going to do great things.  We enjoyed lunch and had fabulous conversation.  I was impressed with Miles, Darius, Ryan, and Jibril.  After lunch, we attended some workshops with some ideas to take back into our classrooms.  At the end of the day we got slide certified!  Make sure to check out the video from my iphone.  I took it while I went down the slide.  I get up and then turn the camera to catch my friend Deanna coming out of the slide.  It was so much fun-you can hear me screaming right?  Since it was Friday we got to watch the house cheers.  These kids are talented and they had the crowd cheering and yelling for them.  The last part of the day was saved for signing books.  Of course I have all his books and have read them at least twice.  It was magical.  The energy is something I find hard to describe.  There is so much love, patience, passion, and creativity in this 100 year old brick building.  I truly am touched to have witnessed all of this.  I will try to take the energy and passion I was a part of and spread it to everyone I can reach...Thank you for letting me share such an amazing adventure.

Building a Caring Community

We LOVE LOVE our new Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Kral. She visits us each week and talks with us about building our life skills. Our school adopted 16 life skills this year to improve upon to help us reach our full potential. The life skills include caring, responsibility, integrity, friendship, sense of humor to name a few. Guidance ran a poster contest. Children were asked to create posters to promote any of the life skills. They were so cute! Each grade level was awarded 3 winners and our class had 2! YIPPEE what great little artists. Take a look at these winning photos. Congratulations to Kayli, she won 1st place with a ribbon and a Target gift card. Congratulations to Alexa, she won 2nd place with a ribbon. We are so excited for you girls!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Days

I know so many posts all at once... there are so many things going on at the moment. Port Orange Family Days takes place every October all around City Center. There are booths, rides, food, and of course the annual parade. Our music teachers are FABULOUS! They run 4 before and after school music enrichment groups. We have recorders, chorus, percussion, and harps. There are no less than 2 FABULOUS shows during the year and countless events these kids play throughout the community. Truly an inspiration to watch Mrs. Hood & Mrs. Kidd get these kids to play and perform! My own children are in some groups and have played in the past. I can't wait for the firsties to grow up so I can watch them and feature them on the blog in the coming years. Check out the latest...

Fishing Tournament

Every year the fabulous Coaches put on the Fishing Tournament. Families are invited to join in under the Dunlawton Bridge to fish with free bait, eat lunch,and win prizes. Well it was bigger than ever! They were catching fish left and right. I even saw a puffer fish and stingray. I have to go to school today to find out the numbers and will update later today. Of course, I brought my favorite kids, Kaile & Carson along for the fun. Check out the firsties, teachers, and other CCE kids having fun Saturday morning. A BIG THANK YOU to Coach Glover and Coach McLean for making many happy memories for all the Cypress Creek families! You guys are the best!

Fire Safety Week

Thanks to Mrs. Fuit we had a real alive fireman visit for Fire Safety Week! Firefighter Drexler from Deltona Fire Department talked to the firsties about being safe during a fire. He talked about the importance of having a meeting spot just in case. Do you know your family meeting spot? Make sure to make one today. He dressed in his full bunker gear to show the kids fireman are not scary and you shouldn't hide in case of a fire. The kids were able to ask questions and we learned many things from Fireman Drexler. I think my favorite question was "Do you have that spotted animal?" Fireman Drexler went on to explain they used to have Dalmations way back to almost herd the horses that drew the fire engines way before fire trucks. Funny, never knew that. He also told the kids when he enters a room he starts at the door and goes along the wall and eventually he gets back to the door by staying along the wall. I never knew that! I even have a firefighter brother. Just goes to show you learn something new everyday. Thank you Fireman Drexler for being such an awesome speaker! Thank you to all the firefighters that put their life on the line everyday to protect us. We think of you now during Fire Safety Week and hope you keep safe, especially my little brother...Firefighter Eddie, Volusia County Fire Department.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ron Clark Academy

Last year the Ron Clark Academy and Promethean sponsored the Thank a Teacher contest during Teacher Appreciation Week.  thank you to Renee Williams for talking to the firsties and submitting an entry.  I might not have won but I sure did feel like a SUPER teacher after the entry and the FaceBook likes.  Take a look at this video about the Ron Clark Academy.

Can you see why I would want to go and feel this excitement!  Well dreams do come true... On Friday I will get to visit the Ron Clark Academy and meet the man himself! I can hardly wait!  It is like the best birthday and Christmas present all rolled into one.  I will make sure to get photos so check back next weekend.  I hope I don't cry when I meet him but if I do just know I am there thinking of all the kids I have taught over the past 18 years, the kids I will teach, and most important my own 2 kiddos.  I have known since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a teacher and I choose to make it the BEST job I will ever have each and every day.  Thank you to all that helped me make my dreams come true...

Dr. Potter visit

Dr. Potter from Daytona State College made a special visit to the class.  Every year Dr. Potter comes in to meet the firsties and tell them how important it is to read, do math, and come to school every day.  He brings note pads, pencils, and stickers to share.  We LOVE when he comes and tells all about Daytona State.  We even have a mom this year that is one of his senior interns at a local elementary school.  YIPPEE Mrs. Robinson keep up the good work!