Monday, October 15, 2012

Fire Safety Week

Thanks to Mrs. Fuit we had a real alive fireman visit for Fire Safety Week! Firefighter Drexler from Deltona Fire Department talked to the firsties about being safe during a fire. He talked about the importance of having a meeting spot just in case. Do you know your family meeting spot? Make sure to make one today. He dressed in his full bunker gear to show the kids fireman are not scary and you shouldn't hide in case of a fire. The kids were able to ask questions and we learned many things from Fireman Drexler. I think my favorite question was "Do you have that spotted animal?" Fireman Drexler went on to explain they used to have Dalmations way back to almost herd the horses that drew the fire engines way before fire trucks. Funny, never knew that. He also told the kids when he enters a room he starts at the door and goes along the wall and eventually he gets back to the door by staying along the wall. I never knew that! I even have a firefighter brother. Just goes to show you learn something new everyday. Thank you Fireman Drexler for being such an awesome speaker! Thank you to all the firefighters that put their life on the line everyday to protect us. We think of you now during Fire Safety Week and hope you keep safe, especially my little brother...Firefighter Eddie, Volusia County Fire Department.

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