Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter is such a special time of year! It is so much fun with the annual 1st grade egg hunt.  Each year we watercolor a piece of paper and overnight they are transformed into Easter baskets.  I have the BEST parents since they send in filled eggs and even come by to hide them for us.  We graphed jelly beans, made a cute bunny craft and even had a visit from the Easter Bunny.  I took the kids outside for some bunny, bunny, chick.  They were too cute running around after one another.  We came back and they thought they were picking up their baskets for the egg hunt.  Little did they know Ms. Susan hid them around the room.  It was a free for all! So much fun.  Check out the video. Happy Easter one and all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I know crazy title but you should see the CRAZY things these firsties can do!  I read on Twitter about back channeling (thanks @kathycassidy) and thought the benefits would be outstanding.  I have been in workshops and I want to talk out loud with comments or questions but as an adult I know better.  Well what about all those mad blurters in 1st grade?  Why not give them an alternative?  We were learning about living and nonliving things.  We previewed a few youtube songs and another video.  We used todays meet to back channel. The kids started by scanning a QR code to get in the meeting.  They added their name and comments throughout.  They could also ask questions and we could read their thoughts while listening and forming our own comments/questions.  You might be thinking too many things to do…well I wanted to see what they could do and they did not disappoint!  These kids are amazing!  Check out our flipogram.

We read Frog and Toad, The Kite last week as our reading story.  I challenged a reading group to create a Keynote with photos and information to share about frogs and toads.  Here is Rick sharing his under the document camera.  He is still working on editing and adding final touches.  They are like sponges I tell you.
 Game Show Thursday is a BIG HIT!! We are using and the app Free Game Show Sound Board (thanks Tony Vincent) to create an atmosphere where our learning is rewarded and fun!  There is such a wide variety of jeopardy game boards from math concepts, story books we read, science concepts, and oh so much more.  The kids are all into helping out their teammates, cheering one another on, and pointing out when I forget a sound.  Seriously should I be having this much fun at work?!?
 @GoNoodle might be a new favorite!  We are working throughout the day and stopping to take brain breaks to recharge and improve our laser-like focus!  Here we are singing Let It Go from Frozen.  The boys were ready for Happy from Despicable Me 2.  They love earning time and watching our class creature grow from exercising.  Give GoNoodle a try if you haven't yet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jack Hartmann!

Today was THE day!  No not April Fool's Day, I mean yes it was that but that wasn't the best part of the day.  Jack Hartmann came to CCE today and boy was it FUN!  He was too sweet and even posed for a class picture today.  Sorry Reese and Christopher were out.  Reese had a fever but we know how much you wanted to be there.  We sang for you.  Check out the class pic.

Yes, you see a gator on my head.  You should have seen Jack's face when I mentioned I was a HUGE Seminole fan.  Yes I took it in stride and it was Jack Hartmann and we all know how very important and talented he is! The concert ended with Hip Hop Tooty Ta!  BEST TIME EVER-love, love, love the ending to that one.  Watch this…
So speaking of April Fool's…I gave everyone a red today and there were some surprised faces.  They didn't know I used remind101 to tell their parents, "Everyone was on red today!  Happy April Fool's Day!"  Too funny.  I even got texts and phone calls from parents.  Sure hope no one got in trouble.  Wonder what the next 46 days will bring...