Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Well the week did not go exactly as planned.  I had to get to Nebraska for my grandma's funeral.  She was a lovely lady so full of energy and a glimmer in her eye.  My kids thought the world of her and I am so glad they got to know her even with living so many miles away.  This is one of my favorite pictures of grandma with Kaile and Carson at the beach.  She loved coming her to get away from all that snow in Nebraska. When I got back guess what I was met with the biggest hugs from my firsties and parents.  There were cards and even flowers!  Thank you all so much for thinking of us during this hard time.
Valentine's Day was put on hold until I got back.  We got to share our February family projects while stuffing them with valentines and treats.  Check out how creative these firsties are!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

100th day...

It was fabulous! Simply FABULOUS!!  I was so excited to see their faces in the morning when they saw the sign and it was worth it along with every other kid that walked down the hall and stopped by to say it was super cool.   We look pretty good for 100 year old firsties right?  We are a pretty good looking team too right? Our other 3 teammates were in the thick of it too but we quick snapped this one without them and now I am a little sad so check back soon for a picture of the fabulous firstie leaders!
We enjoyed making our wrinkled faces and thinking about our bucket list before we are 100 years old. 
Check them out here.

We rotated throughout the grade level.  We danced, counted, made patterns, ran 100 yards, made necklaces, put together puzzles, and rolled dice.  It was quite a day.  Thank goodness Zero the Hero made an appearance and left the coolest treat yet.  Zero the Hero lollipops!  They were the cutest ever. We did make our 100 trail mix and it was YUMMY.  It was such a BUSY day.  At the end of the day I thought I had done a pretty good job and then I found out I forgot to hand out a snack. Our firstie Jack made these 100 snacks with his mom and YES she did find the idea on Pinterest.  I am so sorry Jack.  I put them in all the cubbies before I left on Friday and they are waiting for us on Monday.  Thank you.  Thank you to all the families that dressed up and helped make this milestone extra special.
Each year we ask the kids to complete some sentences about 100 times.  You know that saying kids say the cutest things.  Well here are some of my favorites.  
My teacher tells me 100 times to raise my hand.-Juliana
My dad tells me 100 times to be a good boy. My teacher tells me 100 times to stop talking.-Cameron
I tell my dad 100 times I want to watch TV. -Gabriella
My mom tells me 100 times to put away my homework.  My dad tells me 100 times to pick up my towel.  My teacher tells me 100 times to write my name on my paper.-Carter
Trust me if you knew these kids you would so understand these true words.  Funny aren't they...