Saturday, September 24, 2016

new STEM classroom

So this is the new STEM classroom.  Wait it was an art room last year and now it was given to me to teach STEM as a special area.  Kind of scary but just a bit exciting!  I will get to see every kid in the school.  I will get to see old friend all grown up and finally get to have friends I never had the chance to when they were firsties.  It is a WIN! Yes I will admit that I will miss a class of friends.  23 years is a long time to have a group and watch them grow over the year but a chance to share technology with every kid and teacher in the school. YES!!
The room was originally set up as a science lab but how could I take this turn in my career and create a special area class.  What would I take and what would I need? A LOT I tell you!
So we had the one wall painted with a royal blue, our school color and it turned out lovely.  WOW what a coat of paint to a wall can do to a room.
Tables, yes, I want them to work together, flexible seating, yes, I want that too, and of course inspirational words to have these students DREAM BIG!
I decided I need a few more options to the flexible seating arrangements from last year so I made my first trip to IKEA in Orlando.  All I can say is thank goodness for the arrows on the floor or I might never had made it back out the parking lot.  I think my favorite might be the ipad stands.  I am using the pink one right now while blogging.  It is sturdy and just the right angle and who can beat the price?  I decided I needed to spend a bit in my new room before my next trip to IKEA.  More to come...