Sunday, February 21, 2016

100th day

Every year we count the days in school and keep track.  I will have to admit this year I was not the best at making sure those dots filled the ten frames.  We count them to practice using a ten frame and looking at different combinations within numbers.  We celebrate the 50th day as a first benchmark and then the 100th day is the BIG day.  We dress as if we are 100 years old which fits in with our social studies learning about then and now.
 Each one of us in 1st grade has a center idea using 100 and it is always a highlight for each 1st grader to rotate into each classroom.  Fun times.  The best is the aging booth app on the iPhone where you can age them 100 years.  Make sure to check out the video because it is always a highlight and a good laugh to see all the fun. 
I hope it is a memorable day for the kids because by the end of the day I am pretty sure I really feel like a 100 year old.
*UPDATE:  We sent home some sentence starters for the firsties to finish and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.  Nicholas "My mom tells me 100 times to be best friends with my brother. Ariyah dad tells her 100 times that he loves her and she tells him 100 times she wants him to stay at home.  Logan W.'s dad tells him 100 times to behave.  Logan S. says his teacher tells him 100 times Good Job! (guess he hears that a lot from me).  Ellia tells her dad 100 times she wants a new dog and her teacher tells her 100 times to not shout out loud.  Lauren wrote her teacher tells her 100 times to write her name.  Sydney tells her teacher 100 times she wants to read and her teacher tells her 100 times to learn.  Emma wrote her teacher tells her 100 times to Chicka Chicka and she tells her teacher 100 times to Boom Boom.  Collin tells his mom 100 times that he wants a snack-growing boy. :)  Kaleb's mom tells him 100 times to get dressed.  And the all time fav-Keylee tells her teacher 100 times she wants to do a Go Noodle!  You have got to love kids and the things they say are just the best.  I love teaching these firsties!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

SeeSaw and a directed drawing of a pirate...

We worked with the ar pattern and of course I dressed as a pirate and got some funny looks from the firsties.  Surprisingly enough they came up with quite a few ar words.  Then I thought let's get the iPads out and I could lead a directed drawing using the Draw and Tell app.  Ok these are the cutest pirates you ever did see and then we app smashed with ChatterKid to use our best pirate voices while reading sentences we created.

Ms. Clutter and I are using SeeSaw app to collect work from the firsties to share.  They can share with one another so we had to teach how to comment.  Once we were pretty good we shared with our parents so they could see the amazing work we are creating on the iPad.  Our next steps are to blog through SeeSaw and share with other 1st grade classes. So exciting to connect with others around the world and share our learning.