Monday, March 22, 2010


Our county uses Macmillan Treasures as the basal reading series. A highlight is Unit 5 week 2 OLIVIA by Ian Falconer. We read all the Olivia books and talked about all our favorite parts. We had so much fun retelling the crazy adventures and rereading the books all week long. We watch a video of Jackson Pollack painting and then practiced painting using red, blue, and black. Olivia likes imaging herself in different professions so we decided to write about ourselves in careers we could imagine in our future. Hope you enjoy our 1st Photostory.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Port Orange Library field trip

What do 1st graders love to do each day? READ of course! First grade went to visit the Port Orange Library for a field trip. It was marvelous! We had so much fun learning about the different types of books in the library. Did you know they even carry graphic novels? When I was a kid they called them comic books. We took a tour, read a few stories, and helped solve a mystery. The highlight was a puppet show where the pig detective was trying to find out where the books disappeared to each night. Good things our 1st graders helped him crack the case. The staff was fabulous especially Mrs. Nancy E. and Mrs. Cindy F. Thank you for helping us become better readers. Since it was bit cool outside we decided to head back to school for a picnic lunch in the classroom. A huge thank you to the moms that helped chaperone our trip. WE LOVE YOU!! Mrs. Lamboglia, Mrs. Prospect, Ms. Persico, and Mrs. Taylor

Read Across America Day 2010

One of my favorite days, wait I know I have a few of those, of the school year is Read Across America Day. We take time to celebrate one of my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. March 2nd marks the day schools around the world take a few minutes to read a favorite book, talk in rhymes, and attempt to eat green eggs and ham. Yes Sam, my class did like eating green eggs and ham. We enjoyed some moms coming in and reading a favorite Dr. Seuss book. Thank you Mrs. Prospect and Mrs. Lamboglia. We even got to dress up like the Cat in the Hat. We enjoyed reading so many books and talking about our favorites. Make sure to check out our pictures.

Publix Math Night

Where would a school be without business partners and community support? One of our partners is Publix, our local grocery store. Each year our Math contact, Mrs. Sparks arranges for Publix Math Night with teachers volunteering their time to assist the families. Children are encouraged to visit Publix with their family and work through grade appropriate word problems. After working your way through the store children can turn in their papers and receive their goodie bags and cookie. It was a special treat for me since Carson is in 1st grade and Kaile is in 3rd. Tim and I had to work throughout the store with both kids. It is such fun seeing families work through the word problems and using the math they practice each day in class. :) A huge thank you to the families that visited Publix and to Publix for allowing this annual event.