Sunday, September 19, 2010

Open House

Open House is always a wonderful evening to meet the parents and let them see a glimpse of our classroom.  The room was packed!  We had 16 families out of the 18 and the kids were wonderful tour guides.  I started the evening with a quick video featuring the students shouting we are readers, mathematicians, scientists, thinkers, and building our minds. The children led their families around the room on a scavenger hunt.  I ran around and took family pictures.  It was so sweet to see so many grandparents present adoring their grandchild.  Thank you for a fabulous evening and one lucky winner was chosen from all the scavenger hunt entries.  Congratulations to the Tevaga family for winning the book, What Good Brothers/Sisters do Best and popcorn. Just in time for the new baby on the way.  Enjoy the scrapbook show.

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Fabulous week!

Some kids wonder what do teachers do on the weekend away from school?  Well anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE FSU football!  My son Carson is playing Pop Warner football for the Port Orange Hawks and this weekend was our only bye week for the season.  Thanks to a friend we scored tickets to the FSU vs BYU game on Saturday.  It was our 1st family game.  Kaile and Carson had a blast!  We were so excited to see the FSU Seminoles beat the BYU Cougars 34 to 10.  Check out the slideshow I put together.GO NOLES!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

How can we move?

We talked about all the ways we can move and the class came up with a pretty lengthy list.  Our weekly reading series had a picture of a sack race and I was somewhat surprised as to how many kids had not been in a sack race.  Well, I jumped at that and we enjoyed some time outside racing one another.  It was fun and I am sure when it gets cooler they will want to sack race one another again.

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