Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

My mom is my hero.  She is the hardest worker I know.  She loves to cook and help people.  She makes me laugh and brings joy to everyone around her.  She is the best person I know and I am proud of her each and every day.  My mother had to quit school in the 2nd grade in Taiwan to help her family.  She had a hard time reading and writing while I grew up but always knew the letter grades and I was expected to get As not Cs.  She worked 2 or more jobs for as long as I can remember to make sure my brothers and I had the things we needed and most of the things we wanted.  She has been to every graduation and was front and center when I won Volusia County Teacher of the Year.  She has no idea how much I admire, love, and treasure her but I do try to tell her all the time.  She continues to be an amazing mom and Ahma to my children.
Now she is Ahma to my class.  She volunteers in my classroom on Wednesday and runs our Reading Counts store-JW Beanies.  The kids love her and it warms my heart to have her so close.  Thank you mom for everything!
Our Annual Muffins for Mom was Friday and it was well attended. The kids made the cutest frames with pictures letting their mom know why they loved them, got to LOVE Pinterest! We watched a video I made of the kids with their mom sharing a moment sometime this year.  It was pretty cool to see how many pictures I have of these moms and their firstie!  These moms are so involved and loving!  They rock!  Thank you for making it to our classroom but most of all thank you for being the best mom ever! Happy Mother's Day.