Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#infopics what are they?

Of course @tonyvincent is an #edhero for me!  I was so lucky to attend Miami Device in Coconut Grove, FL and got to meet him, of course a selfie...
After listening to his podcast on iTunes I thought sure why not teach my friends to pull out nonfiction information and make an #infopic in Pic Collage.  We were reading about penguins and kids chose apps to showcase information. 
Here is a video of student work.  Not bad for 1st timers.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Life Skills for a Lifetime

Over the years we came to focus on Life Skills.  Skills you would need to learn, model, and carry forth to be productive members of society.  We had inspirational posters made thanks to our photo company of our very own students demonstrating those life skills in every day situations.  Thanks to Mrs. Walker, who would not want anyone to know she was the behind the scenes designer, kids from all grade levels throughout Cypress Creek will have their photos up in the hallway reminding us of the the little things we need to keep in mind to be a good friend, child, sibling, and student.  I happen to love the perseverance poster the most since my little Carson is one playing the trombone in the photo.  Thanks Mrs. Walker and the photo company.  Just love this and all it represents.

Have you been to

QR codes are so much fun and the kids love, love, love them.  Our county had us test and level students for SIPPS phonics instruction across the grade level this year.  There are a number of sight words for students to master that seems to be more than in years past.  Have a few moments why not play BINGO?!? Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO...ah my first friends LOVE playing BINGO.  Thanks to Tony Vincent over at and his FABULOUS podcasts I learned about You can program words on the board and then generate boards and calling lists by simply pressing the yellow generate button at the bottom.  Better yet take the web address and create a QR code to put on display for the class to play whenever.  I made many different boards according to the high frequency words the friends needed to know and a QR code for each.  When I want to play a list I pull up the QR code and then can scan and we can get going fairly quickly.  They love it!