Thursday, August 25, 2016

Go Noodle is the best...

So one day this happened.  I opened the mail and there was a GoNoodle headband.  Of course Kaile and Carson fought over who was going to wear it.  Kaile won!  My next day was going to be EPIC!!
This face sums up the GoNoodle session.  Victoria has always been expressive but I was so happy to catch this excitement.  I tweeted out the photo and a friend at another school really wanted the headband.  I sent it to him because you should share your GoNoodle swag right?   
Why do I love GoNoodle?  Maximo send positive vibes while we stretch muscles in our body. He adds so humor and those big eyes get many giggles from he friends.  I am amazed at the coordination and balance of children and sometimes the lack of.  I remember as a kid always being outside to play with my brother or neighbor children.  Today kids are on devices and maybe they don't have all the same opportunities outside.  Stretching opens the airways, gets blood flowing, and the brain working.
Come on doesn't this look like fun.  We celebrate special moments, take brain breaks when things get tough and have a way to keep out of the sweltering sun of Florida before the cool weather gets here.
I have to share a few of my favorite pictures...
Make sure to visit GoNoodle especially before Thanksgiving and give a little maraca turkey dance to your friends.
I turned in my GoNoodle Ambassador application a while back and crossed my fingers.  Back in November I was lucky enough to be the hotdog for an evening and it was AMAZING!!  I love the company, the philosophy, and the goal to get every kid up and moving.  I am so excited for this new adventure and make sure to check back for exciting news and maybe even an opportunity for you.

Moving on...

Yes you read that correctly.  I will be the STEM Special Area teacher.  I am very excited to get to see every child in the whole school from K-5.  I am reading blogs and watching videos of how to set it all up.  Looking forward to sharing our journey.