Sunday, March 8, 2015

Update on Valentine's Day

 Our administration provided a lovely spread for Valentine's Day fun for the teaches and staff.  It was amazing!  Hit the spot on a sweet heart of a day!  Thanks Dr. L and Becky for making us feel so special.
 What better way to celebrate Valentines' Day with our Clutter friends than a dance party and @gonoodle!  
 Thanks Ms. Amy for the laser light show because it was the best ever!

My class friends and parents are truly amazing!! Thank you so much for all the love and yummy treats.  I feel so loved and appreciated!  You guys are the best!


Twitter is such an amazing place.  You get up to the minute information and can find someone for just about anything.  Our class is connected to so many other teachers and other first grade classrooms across the USA.  Each week a teacher posts a picture and we find the math.  #mtgr1 stands for math talk grade 1.  Check us out looking for math relationships.  We made videos and drew on the picture to show what we saw and then posted our thoughts to a padlet.  I posted that to Twitter for other classes to see.  The world is wide open and we are making our mark.  Check us out:

YES! look at that face.  Doesn't it make you want to try Twitter and #mtgr1?

Chinese New Year

Year of the Goat
I wanted the class to see a real Dragon Dance competition to notice the music, drums, Chinese writing, the skill, the entire experience...

 My mom talked about her favorite memories of Chinese New Year and the anticipation of new clothes and red envelopes.
 We used the video to help with drawings because we working on paper lanterns.
 Thank goodness Ms. Kathleen was there to make our drawings into lanterns.
 We learned how to count to 10 and even write the numbers.
 We painted some math problems.
 At the end of the day we shared some of the things we learned on a padlet.  

It was such an exciting day filled with music, learning, and creativity.  Want to check out the padlet click here:

Measurement Introduction

Recognizing when an object is longer, shorter, or taller than another object.  What better way than to take photos on the iPad and compare lengths.  I gave the friends a popsicle stick and sent them on their way.  The language they used was incredible and the objects they used were varied.  It promoted so much conversation and an anchor chart of words to use when describing objects.  Great job!