Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Well this just might be the year one of my firsties catches the leprechaun!  Our annual March family project is to create a trap or decorate a rainbow.  The parents have outdone themselves!  It is so much fun listening to them talk strategy and who in their family did what part of the project.  Sometimes they make me laugh out loud during their presentations.  You have to see these traps and rainbows.  A huge thank you to all the families for your creative ideas.  I did tell the kids to set the traps last night and try to catch one.  Please keep a hold of him until he gives you his gold and then remember your favorite 1st grade teacher!  Enjoy Spring Break and the warm Florida sun/beach!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss week

The beginning of March makes me giddy every year!  How could it not?!? It's Dr. Seuss birthday week. Each day our 1st graders were ready to read and take part in one adventure after another.  Monday was Green Eggs and Ham Day but we celebrated with lime sherbet and whipped cream. YUM!

 Tuesday was Fox in Socks crazy sock day.

Wednesday was WACKY with mixed matched clothes and wacky hats!  Watch out WACKY kids ahead!

Thursday was wear your funky glasses!  They are cute as can be!

Friday was Cat in the Hat Day.  We were going to dress like the Cat in the Hat but then I saw the BEST picture on Pinterest and the kids were dressed like the Things 1 & 2 on the loose.  Oh, we had a change in plans and check out the cutest things ever!  It sure was a great week.  These are some other pictures of things we hung up. OK each kid had a thing made running down the hallway.  It was the best! haha Enjoy!:)

Runners for life

I am one of the 4 sponsors at our school for the Girls on the Run program.  We talk about positive eating habits, self image, empowering one's self to coexist with peers, and create a service project.  We do run as well. :) At the end of the program we all partake in a 5K.  It is quite the inspiring program!  Our PE coaches promote physical activity with a wellness calendar.  Students that track physical activities are able to choose from a list of rewards from business partners.  All of this inspires families and look at our Kasey and Rachel.  The recently competed in the Disney kid race.  They ran a mile in less than 9 minutes!  Check out those medals.  Their mom ran her 1st half-marathon-Congratulations Cheryl!!  Doesn't it make you want to get your running shoes on?  I can't wait for Zumba Tuesday night.  Get out there and do something.

Using the green screen YIPPEE!!

I am so loving using the movie editing on my MacBook Pro.  What better way to use that and the green screen to help with our weekly reading skills.  Our theme for the week was favorite stories and beginning, middle, and end in stories.  One group read The Lion and the Mouse and created a retell.  We filmed them in front of the green screen reading their retell from the computer.  We learned not to wear green in front of that green screen.  Brady looks almost invisible.  Another group had to write about their favorite book and created and original artwork.  Wasn't this the coolest!  The kids loved it and I do believe there is more green screen in our future.