Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss week

The beginning of March makes me giddy every year!  How could it not?!? It's Dr. Seuss birthday week. Each day our 1st graders were ready to read and take part in one adventure after another.  Monday was Green Eggs and Ham Day but we celebrated with lime sherbet and whipped cream. YUM!

 Tuesday was Fox in Socks crazy sock day.

Wednesday was WACKY with mixed matched clothes and wacky hats!  Watch out WACKY kids ahead!

Thursday was wear your funky glasses!  They are cute as can be!

Friday was Cat in the Hat Day.  We were going to dress like the Cat in the Hat but then I saw the BEST picture on Pinterest and the kids were dressed like the Things 1 & 2 on the loose.  Oh, we had a change in plans and check out the cutest things ever!  It sure was a great week.  These are some other pictures of things we hung up. OK each kid had a thing made running down the hallway.  It was the best! haha Enjoy!:)

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