Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jack Hartmann!

Today was THE day!  No not April Fool's Day, I mean yes it was that but that wasn't the best part of the day.  Jack Hartmann came to CCE today and boy was it FUN!  He was too sweet and even posed for a class picture today.  Sorry Reese and Christopher were out.  Reese had a fever but we know how much you wanted to be there.  We sang for you.  Check out the class pic.

Yes, you see a gator on my head.  You should have seen Jack's face when I mentioned I was a HUGE Seminole fan.  Yes I took it in stride and it was Jack Hartmann and we all know how very important and talented he is! The concert ended with Hip Hop Tooty Ta!  BEST TIME EVER-love, love, love the ending to that one.  Watch this…
So speaking of April Fool's…I gave everyone a red today and there were some surprised faces.  They didn't know I used remind101 to tell their parents, "Everyone was on red today!  Happy April Fool's Day!"  Too funny.  I even got texts and phone calls from parents.  Sure hope no one got in trouble.  Wonder what the next 46 days will bring...

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