Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patricks Day 2014

The leprechaun reeked chaos this morning! You should have seen it!  The first 30 minutes of the morning were filled with cleaning, moving, and visiting the bathroom.  Yes visiting the bathroom.  The leprechaun even changed the toilet water color.  He is quite mischievous. Let me start back to Friday.  The kids shared their rainbows and leprechaun traps and they were too cute.  Can I just say sharing family projects might be one of my most favorite things about first grade.  Parents you really outdid yourselves this year.  Check out the pictures. So we set up the traps and left for the weekend.  We walked in and the room was upside down and in a complete mess.  Imagine green glitter and oh my the custodian might have a fit seeing it all around the room.  Well it took us a awhile to clean it up but I will say it made for interesting journal entries today.  Thank you to the families for the awesome green taste test party this afternoon- an annual Wright's Rippers tradition. It was so busy I forgot to take a poll for the favorite.  I will have to let you know tomorrow.  I bet all my leprechaun catchers are sleepy tonight...

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