Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 2~Top 3 things for the week

Labor Day or more important September 1, really where did August go?!?  The second week was just as busy as the 1st week.  Our class gained a new friend, Johan.  We are so excited to have 17 friends to make our class family this year as the Wright's Rippers! Let me get on to the top 3.
#3 Go Noodle is a favorite.  We are learning to be a little quieter during those Maximo yoga poses.  These yogis are the getting the hang of it.
The class favorite is Walking up the Stairs.  They are too funny.  I might have to play this one during Open House so you can see the excitement!
#2 ActivExpresssions get a cheer from these firsties!  What is an ActivExpression?  It is a learner response system.  In short we can answer true/false, mutiple choice, number, and even text-ok we haven't gotten to that just yet but remember I have only had them for 10 days.  Give me time...
#1 has to be the fun we shared with our friends across the hall playing short a BINGO on the iPads.  
We even learned how to scan QR codes to get different BINGO boards.  Great fun and all while practicing those short a words.  Can't wait for this next week.

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