Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First week went too fast...

So the first week went too fast because I ended up sick. Can you believe it and my sweet, sweet firsties were so kind and loving.  Just love the firstie friends! Here are my TOP 3 favs for the moment and I have more pictures to look through so check back because there might be more than 3 favs before the week's end.
#3 Journal writing and sharing is the best way to start out the day.  Better yet the parents have a year long journal at the end of the year to treasure.  When I went to introduce journals on the very 1st day of school I showed them Carson's journal and this year he went to middle school.  I had to hold back the tears remembering how my cutie man wrote like a big boy and all his favorite moments were captured in that journal. My favorite was when he wrote about losing his 1st tooth and I wanted it.  He said no way it was too special and he got a whole $1 for it!-just love that kid!
 #2gonoodle.com is the favorite part of the day and if you don't believe me ask you kid about walking up the stairs! Too cute for words! Maximo is a close favorite but they are still talking during yoga so maybe I should dim the lights so they get the hint.  They are all falling over themselves-balance not so much but we will get oh so better before it Christmas I bet!
 #1 Come on doesn't this picture say it the best? Who doesn't like playing with every piece of science equipment a teacher can fit into a Rubbermaid container? They had the best time and EVERYONE passed the science tool assessment with flying colors.  They are scientists for sure!
There are so many things to share make sure to follow our class Twitter and Instagram to get the latest.  Until next time...

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