Saturday, September 26, 2015


You are important, loved, respected, you are a contributing part of our team, you are valuable, listened to, successful and that is our is our mantra for the month and we have talked at length about the importance of liking yourself, sticking up for friends, and doing good in the world.  In a nutshell #youmatter  There just isn’t anything like a group of firsties to put it all into perspective for you.  They are so loving and genuinely care for one another.  I tell them there might be ugliness out there but we can change that with even the smallest of gestures. 
This week we had the pleasure of a very special visitor Victor Ezier, owner of Bully Me Now MMA.  He told his story and how it led him to his present day adventure at Bully Me Now where he hopes to empower children to find confidence within themselves.  He read a picture book about a different kind of dog and the kids were interested because of course it was about a dog.  It was a great message about how we are all different but that is what makes up our world~ different types.  Thank you Victor for sharing your story and we hope you come back to help us build our confidence throughout the year.

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