Tuesday, August 18, 2015

GO Otters 2015

My promise this year is to blog more and work on those oh so important relationships.  I try to inform my parents and let them be a part of our class and the firsties love seeing all their efforts on the internet.  What about the teachers out there? How can I connect and collaborate the amazing things happening at CCE? My mission will keep me busy so check back often and please share, subscribe, and tweet away...

I was blessed to spend time with my family and really relax this summer.  Am I ready to go back? OF COURSE I am! I love the schedule of it all and a new beginning with a fresh group of firstie friends is an added bonus.  This year our daughter starts high school as a freshman and our son will enter the 7th grade.  Where did the time go? More on that throughout the year.

Today was our 1st day back as teachers and Dr. L and Mrs. Pitchford threw the bash of all bashes! We enjoyed breakfast at a local country club and wait let me let you check out this short promo video and you count the smiles.

Wasn't that awesome Go Otters 2015! I will have to share my favorite photo that didn't make the video-it ran so fast and this photo needs a stand alone...
You should have seen the line of teachers and staff waiting to join the PTA. Our President Renee is in the middle taking papers & money and handing out raffle tickets.  Our mission is to have 100% teacher & staff membership and I will have to say we are off to the best start in years.  Way to go PTA! Oh and wait did I forget to mention they put $40 in each teacher's account to help with class needs. Well worth my PTA membership and I can't wait for the 1st Spirit Night.

This year is going to be amazing. I am going to run all year and make it the best one yet. I have BIG plans with technology, inspiring them to be the best people they can be, and share our world through Twitter & Instagram and Periscope...stay tuned...#grateful

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