Monday, January 28, 2013

CCE Teacher of the year -Brian Wheeler

Teacher of the Year is an extra special milestone to me.  It is a time to celebrate a fellow teacher chosen by our faculty to represent us in the search for the Volusia County Teacher of the Year.  It is an honor to be selected by your fellow teachers.  This year Brian Wheeler was selected to be Cypress Creek Elementary's Teacher of the Year!  Brian teaches fourth grade.  He integrates technology into his daily lessons and is currently preparing our 4th graders for the annual Florida Writes assessment.  He has led workshops at our school and throughout the county. Last year my son was fortunate enough to be a student in his class. He is fabulous!  Congratulations Mr. Wheeler!  Our school celebrated with Hollywood, Wheeler style on Friday.  We dressed up as Hollywood stars and paparazzi.  It was so much fun!  Mr. Wheeler enjoyed a day of gifts and well wishes from the staff, faculty, and students.  There was a Hollywood sign up as well as a Walk of Fame stars.  Our class loved dressing up, can you tell?

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