Saturday, December 12, 2009

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

Our class was lucky enough to participate in a Gingerbread Exchange this year. We were to make 35 gingerbread men and somehow incorporate where we live. Well after some thought we decided to "dress" our gingerbread people in bathing suits and outfit them with surfboards. We wrote about our lovely weather and how we enjoy being outside in Port Orange year round. I took some pictures of our gingerbread people that we mailed out. They are too cute! I am getting envelopes in the mail daily and the kids look forward to seeing where we get mail from around the US. Thank you to all the school that helped participate. Enjoy our gingerbreads and maybe bring them to the beach when you come to visit.
Santa made a special appearance this week on his boat and our class was lucky enough to take a quick picture with Santa.

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Anonymous said...

Now that school is out for me, I am able to catch up on what neat things first grade is doing this year. Looks like you guys are having great fun! Since I am going to be a teacher in two more years, I am adding The Wall book to my ongoing collection of books. Good job guys on reading and listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, such a looonnnggg story, but a very good one. Lastly, I loved your surfin' gingerbread guys and girls. How cute! Keep having fun and learning and most of all keep reading!
Mrs. Michelle Woods