Thursday, May 3, 2012

Character Parade

Our 2nd Annual Character Parade took place today.  We dressed up as book characters and then had a parade walk throughout campus.  It was so wonderful to take part in the celebration of reading.  I dressed as Junie B. Jones of course!  I saw many Junie B.s but the most represented book was the Hunger Games.  There were so many I took some group shots.  You have to check out my firsties and just heart them yourself!  An added feature was a door decorating contest.  2 winners primary and intermediate will be announced tomorrow.  I wonder who they will be.  Personally our Don't Let the Pigeon Stop Reading is our favorite but that Math Curse and Jack and the Beanstalk were pretty good.  Make sure to check out the Frindle and BFG door-it was 3D!!  I will have to blog tomorrow and let you know.  Enjoy the movie, it was so much fun to be in school today!

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