Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Slide Videos

FETC takes place each year in Orlando and it is the BEST technology show.   I was lucky enough to attend some sessions yesterday.  I was so excited to get back into the classroom and try out some new things with the kids.  I attended a session on video making in the classroom.  We learned about paper slide videos and I showed the class a few examples from some 2nd graders.  Of course I just knew my firsties could do it!  Our reading theme this week was birds and we learned so much.  What better way to showcase our learning than with technology.  We wrote what we learned about penguins, created backgrounds, and some even made puppets to use in the video.  We used a flipvideo camera to video and here they are! 
Andrew, Aubrey, and Skyler made this:
Jesse, Bryson, Brady, and Sofia made this:
Lola, Kasey, and Cate made this:
Lauren, Dane, and Darieliz made this:

Devyn, Jaidan, and David made this:

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