Monday, January 16, 2012

80s day!

Zero the Hero had plastic bracelets, big earrings, fluorescent gloves, off the shoulder shirts, skinny black ties, Converse shoes, and BIG hair!  Wait and he was doing the Moonwalk.  Yes it was the 80s and we celebrated the 80th day of school.  I read about it on another blog last year and thought oh what fun!  I have to do that.  I don't think the kids will ever forget it!
We dressed up and watched some clips from the 80s cartoons.  Remember the Muppet babies, Smurfs, Snorks, HeMan, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I even brought in my Cabbage Patch doll, Janice Illonka Jurgensen.  I know FUNNY!  I showed some bands and let them hear some clips from 80s music. I started writing down some of the funny things they said throughout the day.  Lauren looked at Poison and said, "So they didn't have any flat irons?" I think it was Sofia that said, "Those are boys?"  While listening to Separate Ways by Journey the kids said it sounded like Christmas music.  Another one asked if we were listening to jazz music.  Those firsties are the best ever!
The highlight of the day was the scavenger hunt.  You had to do the moonwalk to get the 1st QR code.  It told you to go to the playground and jump up and down while counting by 5s to 80.  Next was a QR code to a game of Simon on the iPads.  Remember Simon?  Then it was off to doing jumping jacks while counting by 10s to 80.  Then it was off to complete the 80s puzzle.  We danced and celebrated with 80s candy.  Remember Charleston Chews, Mike & Ikes, Red Hots, and Fun Dip.  The funniest thing was I had to teach a few to lick the Fun Dip stick to then get the sugary dip.  Thank goodness Ms. Suzan and Ms. Maria kept me going.  Maria even brought some Salsa Addiction salsa and chips for us to enjoy. I am really thinking about how can I make the big 100 day bigger than this?!?  Check out our video...

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