Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open House

Open House was awesome! Thank you to all the parents that came out for the special event. We had 16 out of 17 families represented! From your checklists you completed a lucky family won the big prize. The big winner was Jacob's family. Enjoy your gift bag filled with goodies. I hope you enjoyed the Promethean ActivBoard demonstration. As you can see the class is up to date with the latest technology and your kids love it! We are right at 50% for parents that have joined PTA. We are trying to be the 1st class with 100% so we can earn the TOP prize of $100 for the classroom budget. Maybe you want to sponsor a family in these hard times. We would welcome the offer. Contact me and we will work it out. Johnny Appleseed celebrates a birthday on Friday so check back for the festivities I have planned for all my chickens.:)

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Anonymous said...

Who else has a Birthday? hmmm?