Friday, September 5, 2008

End of week 2 already! :0)

Hello all! I hope the Golden Folders made it home. We had a fabulous week working with the -ad, -an, and -ack family in phonics. We are still working on counting forward and backward starting with different numbers. We did some work with greater than (>) and less than (<) this week. So if your kids start talking about the alligator eating the bigger number of M&MS you will know where it came from. Please know it takes a lot for a Seminole fan like me to use a gator positively in the classroom. HAHA Just kidding. Your kids were begging for harder math and bigger numbers! You would have been proud! :) We learned and even touched all kinds of science lab equipment. We talked about the technical names of things and their purpose. Ask you kid what they learned because there will be a quiz next week.
Remember Sunday is Grandparent's Day so make sure to call the grandparents and wish them a happy day. I hope you enjoy our slideshow of our favorite things to do with our grandparents. It was a joy to make and put together. Do you enjoy the blog? Add a comment. I changed the options so anyone can add a comment and I will share them with the class. We love to hear how well we are doing. Have a great weekend and next week it is the short i that we will work with.:)


Michelle said...

We love the blog. Wrights Rippers rock! I appreciate you putting so much time into your little Rippers and coming up with this communication tool to keep us informed of what is going on in the classroom. Jacob comes home every day telling us all the fun stuff he has done. Thank you for making learning fun for our kids.

Cassy said...

Great Job Mrs. Wright and her Ripper's. Mrs. Jurgensen's 5th grade class is impressed that you are professionals when it comes to greater than and less than. Keep up the great math work!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Wright and the Rippers,
Thank you so much for spending precious time on the beautiful Grandparent pictures.Each one is so special,but there is something terrific about Nicholas Greggos picture.I just cant stop looking at it,so I've decided to keep it on my refrigerator!Once again,I thank you all for making me smile!Oh,I almost forgot...Nicholas I love you with all my heart..Love Noni(Debbie Haas)