Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thank You SAC

Our SAC Committee sent 1 teacher per grade level to #MiamiDevice and it was so worth it!  Read about our trip here  We made a presentation to SAC with the help of some friends.  I am pretty sure they were impressed.  The Thank you sign above was signed by each student in the class of the teachers that attended #MiamiDevice  I don't know about you WOW that is a massive list of kids!
Collin is sharing his President's Day project.  Wait did you see his project?  
Mrs. Lenois is  one of the SAC chair and what a job that is! Thanks for leading our staff, school, and parents with the decisions that influence our daily schedules.
Emma is sharing her SeeSaw feed.  Check out here 100 year old ChatterKid project. 
Joshua is sharing his SeeSaw Journal as teachers and parents get to view his projects.
Ms. Clutter is sharing her take aways from MiamiDevice.  She loves the relationships she made and even presented with another teacher during a recent Early Release Day an app she learned with kid samples!

Thank you Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Lenois for taking on all the responsibilities of running CCE SAC.  Thank you for a place to seek funds to enhance our professional development so we can share and collaborate for our students and school.

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