Sunday, November 22, 2015

#MiamiDevice 2015

Back from #MiamiDevice and what are my thoughts…Well I am finding it difficult to sleep through the night because the inspiration is brewing and needs to be released.  Watch out CCE because now I have seven other teachers along side me to bravely face our fears and move forward with technology because it is what is right for kids.  

We cannot teach 21st century students with 20th century material.  There is a passion locked inside each and everyone of us.  We need to find that passion, share it and build relationships through that passion.  We heard some of the most inspirational speakers talk about being brave because fear is the greatest barrier to our own success.  I want to encourage our teachers to find their passion and in turn find the passion of their students.  I want to help build those relationships along with some very connected educators so we can bring forth the message #ottersmatter.  

Throughout #MiamiDevice I saw our team cry, smile, and most importantly share a part of themselves they reserve for those closest to them.  Our team will need to rely on one another as we move forward and we are off to a solid start and will show our brave along the way.

Yes that is Tony Vincent! We made it to several sessions and learned how to integrate iPads into our daily instruction.  Thank you @tonyvincent

We might have been @techninjatodd stalkers but seriously we did have thoughts of moving to Texas just to teach for him!

Adam Bellow is such a fabulous storyteller and wow his Keynote presentations are amazing!  I loved the Hack the Keynote session and will start working on my story soon...

You never know who you will meet, here is Reshan Richards, co-creator of Explain Everything. One of my favorite apps and he has ideas spinning in my head of how I am going to empower teachers to use this app.

@GoNoodle is one of my all time favs and there were many, many smiles for GoNoodle.

Did somebody say Hot Dog? Yes, yes they did...

I got to be the @GoNoodle HOT DOG!! Highlight of the trip! Thanks so much Go Noodle!

Wes Fryer was so informative and even gave me a challenge.  Post coming soon.  Hope to get some time with Thanksgiving coming up.

The Volusia County group and some of our favorite speakers.  Felix, you are amazing.  This learning conference ignited a fire in all of our teachers and we are spreading the fire to our entire community.  Thank you for everything and we will be back in 2017.

Our crazy prop picture!

Stacy Simpson I love you girl and so glad to meet Dr. Tony and connecting on Twitter.  You both are amazing and goes to show I might not see you every day but you are only a tweet away.

Angela Maiers you have started a movement #ottersmatter is real and we are running with it. Thank you for helping us see your vision and making it ours. #youmatter 

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