Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big moment for my little girl...

 My little girl isn't so little anymore... I love teaching 1st grade because I get to see the same age kids each year and well it might keep me young and then I look at my beautiful daughter and see she is not longer that 6 year old.  She is a high school freshman and ventured off to her 1st Homecoming this year, and no I didn't cry...almost.  Her friends were able to get hair and makeup done at our house thanks to a friend-**Thanks Lexi :)  Here is a photo of Kaile and one of her BFFs, Hope and I are so proud of these beauties!
Here is our baby girl all dressed up with my mom and dad. Loved the dress she picked out.

After pictures and dinner I was the one to drop the girls off at the dance.  Lucky for me I caught a quick selfie with my one and only Homecoming Princess.  She sure is a cutie.  Tim and I are so blessed!

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