Sunday, November 1, 2015

so many things over the month...

GoNoodle is such a great way to start the day.  Hug It Out is a wonderful way to give our body a stretch and make sure to we start the day off right.
Every morning we start the day writing in our journal before SIPPS.  A few mornings a week we try to stand up, hand up, pair up to share our journals.  It is such a wonderful way for us to get to know our friends a little better.  
I can't help but smile when I see friendships grow like this one.  

Do you Kahoot! Our friends love Kahoot! and we are experts now. We use it for sight words, science terms, social studies vocabulary, and even math.  One of our toughest concepts in math is picking true math statements. So why not a Kahoot! to get them looking closer at equations.
Find the one that is true...
Of course the highlight is seeing the Top 5 leaderboard.
I love that every time in every subject there seems to be a different leader and top 5.  It is so nice that the friends see different names up on that leaderboard and try their best to be on it.
No wonder the kids love science it seems like we have such hands on fun.  I cannot even tell you how much fun it wad to see them learn how to use a measuring tape and measure one another.
Buttons, buttons, everyone wants to earn one of these buttons.  Another Instagram/Twitter idea...  The button says "Ask me what I got on Mrs. Wright's test..."  The best was when the cafeteria lady asked one of the young ladies while she was going through the lunch line what she made on the test.  I was there to see her caught off guard and then smile really big when she said 12 out of 12.  Love those moments.

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