Monday, March 7, 2016

Mrs. Stevenson our Teacher of the Year

Our Queen the super Fabulous Mrs. Stevenson is Cypress Creek Elementary's Teacher of the Year.  Our entire school celebrated with our Queen of Ceremonies while she dressed as the Man in the Yellow Hat with Curious George.  Each year our school takes part in the annual Character Parade.  Each year we also celebrate our school Teacher of the Year with their very own special theme filled day.  Just so happens we celebrated Mrs. Stevenson with the Character Parade a little earlier than usual.  Everyone dressed as storybook characters and carried books.  Really doesn't that just make you smile-everyone celebrating books! 
Our 1st grade LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Junie B. so we each took a different Junie B. to be and aren't we the cutest bunch you ever did see!
Our basket was movie theme and we hope you enjoy your treats and movie gift card.  Each first grader signed the back of the extra large movie ticket. Fun times!
Our administrators really outdid themselves with a Chick-fil-A and fruit after school party to send Mrs. Stevenson home on to enjoy her day.
Nine years ago I sat on the cadre to open Cypress Creek Elementary to the world.  She constantly amazes me with her talents to see every child int he school, make reading fun, and incorporate the standards K-5.  Our Media Center is a place filled with laughter and talk of the late and greatest books to read or websites to check out.  Reading Counts is buzzing because of her school-wide incentives.  Mrs. Stevenson is a team player and continues to learn from others, share, and collaborate with teaches to better their craft.  She is a motivator and inspires me personally to be a better school-wide teacher.  Thank you Mitzi and congratulations on your achievement.  You deserve it and so much more.  I am in awe of you and try to let you know just how much I appreciate you!

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