Monday, November 17, 2014

50s DAY!!

The 49th day was like every one before and then came the 50th day of school…  The firsties walked in to the music playing and there were jeans, poodle skirts, and pony tails as far as the eyes could see. It was such a cute sight with giggles and skirts twirling and boys with gelled hair.  Every room in 1st grade had a different 50s activities.  We hula hooped, did the twist, made greater than/less than records, drank root beer floats, counted how many things we could do with 50 seconds, and built towers with 50 cups.  It was so much fun seeing all the kids in 1st grade pass through my room. 
I tried a new rotation this year.  I made a flipchart with various activities and the kids had 50 seconds along with keeping their count.  Have you tried jumping jacks for 50 seconds, then standing on 1 foot, then switching to the other foot?  It is tougher than it sounds.  Here are just a few of the pictures I took because I was participating too.  My highlight was Ms. Kathleen, an intern at our school.  She is exceptional.  She has lead a full life of family, children, working as a paraprofessional, a nurse, and still at 68 wants to learn so she of course went back to school.  She was right in there with those 6 year olds hopping, counting, and having just as much fun. 
Here is our crew of Pink Ladies and Greasers.  
Thanks to these brave ladies.  We had a firstie vs mom paddleball competition.  Too fun!

50s day you might ask why do we do it? We never did those things when I was in school. Funny you should ask. Here is my take.  At Cypress Creek we are creating experiences for these children.  They won’t know what the 50s were like, what they wore, or how they survived without electronics.  The 50s are fading, so for a few hours we could let them experience the music, the laughter, and the simplicity of life in the 50s.  The best part, my favorite part, is the math we shared that day.  We counted over and over again and it was fun.  Math was fun.  Imagine that a world where 50 doesn’t have to be 50 but a 25+25, or 10+40, or 30+20 depending on what would make it easier to work with.  If you ask the kids they will say it was fun because they didn’t have to do any work.  Little do they know how much energy went into making the 49 days of learning before 50 come to life.

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