Monday, November 1, 2010

Chocolate Day

Each year I read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to my class during the month of October.  They enjoy listening to the adventures of Charlie as he makes his way through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  On the last Friday of the month we celebrate Chocolate Day.  Each child is asked to bring in something chocolate and be creative.  Well this class outdid themselves!  For the 1st time we had chocolate fondue! Make sure to check out the Smilebox with all the lovely pictures of the day.  We mined for chocolate chips, taste tested the Hershey's assortment.  Hershey original beat out the Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, and Hershey's Special Dark by a landslide.  favorites included the chocolate milk, white chocolate dipped pretzel skeleton fingers, chocolate covered marshmallows, and homemade fudge! We even had a Jeopardy game with questions from the book.  Everyone was a winner!  The movie was FABULOUS! It was even more exciting to hear the kids compare the book to the movie and remember the slightest details.  Big thank you to Ms. Cindi, Mrs. Horner, Mr. & Mrs. Creech, and Jordan's grandma for helping out throughout the day.  Thank you to all the families that made the day a success.

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