Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marine Science Center

We had our 1st field trip today to the Marine Science Center. Make sure to watch the slideshow. We had so much fun and learned a lot about turtles, the bird sanctuary, and the jetty. We got to see a Screech Owl and a Falcon up close. There were baby turtles in the turtle hospital/rehabilitation center. We learned about toothed vs. baleen whales. It was quite the interesting day. A HUGE thank you to our parent chaperones that went-Maria, Jenn, Chris, Ashley, Paul, and Michelle. We LOVE ya!
David's dad even got the Ponce Inlet Fire Department to make a visit during lunch. The firemen talked to the kids about what to do in case they are ever caught in a fire. Thank goodness for Fire Prevention Month. We even had a fireman dress in full bunker gear to show the kids so they wouldn't be scared if a fireman had to enter their home. We really are lucky to be a Wright's Ripper!
Mr. Zebell sent in a huge pumpkin for us to do some extra fun math this upcoming week. Thank you!
Ivy Grace was our Ripper of the Week and we learned she wants to be a veteranarian when she grows up. She is a very good artist and is such a good friend to us all. We enjoyed writing about Ivy Grace and even got a special treat from her mom. Mom made a movie for us to watch Ivy Grace grow from baby to now(even a picture with SpongeBob at the Nick Hotel from last month.) Next Ripper of the Week is Jacob.

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