Sunday, November 2, 2008

50s Day!

Friday was the 49th day of school and we celebrated with an almost 50s day. We enjoyed hula hooping, a bubble gum blowing contest, drinking a root beer float, dancing, and making a 50 necklace. We learned the hand jive and got pretty good at it. We watched the candy factory episode of I Love Lucy. The class had a blast! Make sure to watch the new slideshow to see first hand the fun you missed out on. We had a busy end to the month with our pumpkin day. Each child "guesstimated" the circumference of the pumpkin and we arranged them from smallest to largest. Jordyn was exact! and won the prize. We scooped out the 298 seeds and I roasted them at home for the class to sample. It was great fun and we want to thank Mrs. Weir for helping us out! We celebrated Spider Day with Mrs. Garver's class visiting to make "yummy" spiders-our favorite kind! The spiders were the cutest and tasty. It is hard to believe it is November but we are eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome web-site. I love all of the interesting activities being done in your room. Way to go!