Sunday, October 12, 2008

OREO project

Our class participated in the OREO project with our special helper Mrs. Woods. OREO stands for Our Really Exciting Online project. Each child got to stack OREO cookies as high as they before they came crumbling down. The towers ranged from Jacob's 12 to Jordyn's 21 cookies. (Caleb-15, Connor-18, Dallas-13, Daylan-13, Alex-16, Nick-20, Gabi-15, Trey-16, Tymothe-18, David-14, Preston-14, Vincent-13, Jordyn-21, Brianna-17, Jacob-12, Ivy Grace-20, Morgyn-14, Mrs. Woods-22 and I stacked 23) Our class average was 17. After that was done we each received a plate of cookies and made sculptures. The class was so creative so please take a look at the slideshow to see our original works of art!

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Jared said...

This looked liked a fun project! There are some really good oreo artists in your class. My favorites are the Star Wars Tie-fighter and the penguins. Congrats to Jordyn - 21 cookies! that's almost defying gravity :) keep up the good work,
Mr. Zebell